We Need Your Support for Grenada's Story

This web site is a continuing process which is daily enriched by the thoughtful support of Grenadians and well-wishers from all walks of life, from around the world.

There are several concrete ways you can help:

Contribute Funds to the Overland Restoration Trust

Contact Alister Hughes and ask how you can contribute to the Cynthia Hughes Collection trusteeship.

The Restoration of the Wallace Fountain has now been completed. Contribute Funds or Volunteer Labor for the NEXT BIG THING, Grenada's first public taxi!

Contact Margaret or Alister Hughes.

Contribute Materials to Grenada's Story

Call the Hughes at 473-440-2538 and make arrangements to see if you have graphics materials or narratives that we can put into the web site or otherwise build into the process of restoring Grenada's history, art, and natural heritage to our people

Propose your own project for Grenadian heritage restoration and let's see if we can organize support for it.

Find ways we can make these materials useful to, and used by, the schools of Grenada